This year, the returning "Retro World Championships" will feature the winner of the Nintendo World Championships 2015, John "Numbers" Goldberg as our guest! Our tournament will emulate some of what he went through in 2015 to win. With Game On Expo moving to a bigger location, you can expect this event to be bigger as well!

Our weekend qualifier will be the Nintendo World Championships Remix and will be played on the Wii-U. You will have 6 minutes and 21 seconds on the timer, first you'll collect 50 coins in Super Mario Bros., then it will switch to Super Mario Bros. 3 to collect 25 coins, and with the remaining time you will play Dr. Mario to get as high a score as you can! The top 8 qualifying scores from the weekend will move on to our finals event on Sunday afternoon!

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 finals was a competition against other players in a gauntlet of different games ranging from Splatoon to Super Smash Bros., to Mario Maker. We wanted to try and capture some of that with a bigger emphasis on retro. Our finals will feature 5 games from the NES and SNES era and the finalists will each play all 5 of those games and earn points based on where they place in each game. Those points will then be tallied to determine the winner of our Retro World Championships 2017 as well as a chance to play against John Goldberg in a special exhibition match!

In addition to John Goldberg, we'll also have another finalist from the Nintendo World Championships 2015 with us. The 2015 finalist Patrick Haendle will be joining us for the first time!

The 5 games for the finals will be F-Zero (SNES), Super Mario World (SNES), Super Punch Out (SNES), Marble Madness (NES), and Gradius (NES). All will be playable in the qualifying area all weekend.

The rules for each game are as follows:

  • F-Zero - Players race in Mute City for one full race to get the best time they can
  • Super Mario World - Players go for the highest score they can on 1 life on the first level in Super Mario World
  • Super Punch Out - Players fight Bear Hugger in Time Trial mode and go for the fastest KO
  • Marble Madness - Players will play a full 1 player game for the highest score
  • Gradius - Players try and score as much as they can on the first stage. (No continues or codes)

The qualifying players will each play these games in the same order, starting with 8th place, and finishing with the player at the top of the scoreboards for the weekend!

This tournament will also feature a special guest announcer for the finals! The Sega World Champion and 1990 Nintendo World Championships finalist Chris Tang will be on hand to lend his voice to the action. Chris was a guest for our 2016 tournament and we're excited to have him return this year as our featured announcer!

We will also have some familiar faces returning:

  • Thor Ackerlund - Thor was the Grand Champion of the first Nintendo World Championships tournament back in 1990, he won his age bracket of 12-17.
  • Mike Iarossi - Mike was the Nintendo World Championships: Powerfest 1994 Grand Champion, and has been a guest with us the previous 2 years at Game On.
  • Dorion Whitlock - Dorion was a finalist in the Nintendo World Championships: Powerfest 1994, and an avid video game collector with quite a few rare pieces. He has also been a guest with us the past 2 years.